Before & After - Connective Tissue Grafts

This 10 year old boy suffers from gum recession on his lower front tooth as a result of tooth eruption.  The clinical expectation for him following the grafting prodecure will be bone formation and long term tooth retention.  The results seen below are at six weeks post treatment.

This 35 year old male healthy male from Pleasant Grove, Utah presented with recession on his upper teeth.  This recession has caused his gums to be tender and is now impacting his confidence.  The recession was treated with connective tissue grafting which resulted  in complete coverage of his exposed root surfaces.

This otherwise healthy 43 year old male patient from Lehi, Utah presented with his lower front tooth in dire need of a gum graft.  His main desire was to have the exposed root surface covered as this tooth was extremely sensitive to cold food and drink.  When root coverage is required or desired the best treatment option is a Connective Tissue graft.

A 39 year old  healthy male from Pleasant Grove, Utah presented with localized recession on his upper eye teeth (canines) that is sensitive and unsightly for him.  The recession was treated with connective tissue grafting which resulted  in complete coverage of his exposed root surfaces.

This 34 year old male from Pleasant Grove, Utah presented to our office with gum recession that was negatively impacting the way he interacted and associated with his friends, family and co-workers.   Frankly, he was "embarrassed to smile and just be himself, because he felt like people  stared at his teeth". To the right is his grafting results after 6 weeks of healing.  We would anticipate further "blending and smoothing" of his gums over the next few months.

This 28 year old female from Lehi, Utah presents with gum recession on her upper canines which are extremely sensitive.  After discussing her grafting options, she elected to have her recession treated with Connective tissue.  The "After" photograph was taken 6 weeks after treatment.

This 26 year old male from Salem, Utah presents with advanced gum recession on his lower front teeth.  The result seen on the right is his treatment outcome with a Connective Tissue Grafting procedure. 

This 47 year old patient from Roosevelt, Utah has advanced recession on her lower front tooth.  Additionally, as a result of not having enough gum tissue to protect her tooth, she has lost nearly half of the supporting bone that anchors her tooth.  With Connective Tissue Grafting we are able to restore the gum tissue and provide the supporting bone with the protection that it needs to hold  her tooth in place.

This 27 year old male from Price, Utah has a history of being pretty aggressive with his brushing.  The results seen below are only possible through Connective Tissue Grafting.  While there are several grafting techniques and materials available today, Connective Tissue remains the "Gold Standard".

This 52 year old female from Draper, Utah was referred to our office to "help her keep her teeth" and "do whatever you can to help them look better".  While we are not miracle workers; we like what we were able to do with her gum grafting!

This 42 year-old female from South Jordan, Utah presents with the complaint of "sensitive" roots and "spaces" opening up between her teeth.  Furthermore, she is concerned about the longevity of her teeth.  The results of her grafting should provide her with improved comfort and years of tooth preservation.

This Provo, Utah patient has advanced gum recession on her lower right canine.  The tooth is tender to brush and hurts when eating.  The results with Connective Tissue Grafting are AMAZING!

This 34 year-old male from Payson, Utah suffers from recession on several teeth. He is concerned about "Tooth Retention" given his existing condition at a relatively young age. After grafting, we would expect him to retain his teeth.

This 22 year-old Vernal, Utah male suffers from no attached gum tissue and 4 mm of gum recession on his lower front tooth. He complains of tenderness especially to toothbrushing and touch. In the photograph on the right we see his results following a Connective Tissue Graft. The gum recession and attachment have been completely resolved!

This 36 year-old female from Roosevelt, Utah presents with gum recession on her lower front tooth which is resulting in dental hypersensitivity. She reports that drinking and eating are becoming an "uncomfortable challenge". Her Before and After photographs reveal the result of her grafting procedure four weeks after treatment. AWESOME!