Connective Tissue Graft Testimonials

Dr. Bankhead and his team are AMAZING at what they do!  I went to another periodontist in town to get a gum graft, which quickly failed.  After all the headache I made the best decision to come to Dr. Bankhead and he did the graft the way it should have been done the first time.  It would be in your best interest to have Dr. Bankhead consult with you regarding your periodontal needs.

--Matthew Shaw, Springville, Utah

When I came in to Dr . Bankheads office to have my Gum Grafting done I felt confident about it because Leann and Dr. Bankhead really know what they are talking about . I liked that they didn't pressure me into having the procedure done. They always had answers to any of my questions! The procedure was easy I felt no pain during or after! I was back to work the next day. My follow up appointment after the surgery was very professional, the staff is really great they're always very nice and helpful they all know my name which makes me feel important! I am very happy with the results! He was definitely worth going too! He is the best around!

--- Carolyn, Orem Utah

After my first consultation with Dr. Bankhead, and an introduction to his friendly staff, all my worries were gone! I was thoroughly informed about treatment, costs, policies and procedures and some of the things that I might experience. I knew very quickly I was in the most capable, kind and caring hands. I am so happy with the results. And I was so patently educated, and the choices were mine.

--- Marianne, Utah

Dear Dr. Bankhead,

Your Staff is the most professional and friendly that I have ever worked with. My hat goes off to you and your employees. You have been great in every way.


--- Mrs. Debi Carrasco, Springville Utah

Dr. Bankhead,

I wanted to thank you very much for all your skill and expertise on my behalf over the past 6 months. Thanks to the tissue grafting I underwent at your office, I no longer experience excruciating pain when I smile, eat or drink cold or hot foods or liquids, or brush my teeth. I had been putting up with all that for YEARS! Your team worked very well with my insurance, and your kind and caring demeanor through the surgery, as well as the conscious sedation, made me very comfortable during a process I was somewhat fearful of prior to coming in. Thanks again, you and your staff are great!

--- Donna Hair, Pleasant Grove UT

I had a tissue graft done by Dr. Bankhead. They made it so comfortable for me on the day of the treatment. Everything went smoothly and the recovery process was nothing. It was the easiest doctor experience I've ever had. I had very little pain and a quick recovery. I was nervous to get it done, but they made me comfortable. The staff that worked with me were awesome and so nice. I will recommend Dr. Bankhead to everyone I know. Thank you Dr. Bankhead and staff!

--- Mallory Harley

Dear Dr. Bankhead and Staff,

Who says you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Because of you miracle workers, you've made this happen! I appreciate the sweet way everyone treated me! Every phone call and every visit was such a pleasant experience. Enjoy these apples and just remember that I am enjoying them too! You have made it possible. You said you would change my life forever and you have!


--- Rinda Thompson

Dr. Bankhead and Staff,

I have had several tissue grafts done in Dr. Bankhead's office and have been so pleased. I can now eat and drink the things I love. Looking at my gums today, even I can't tell where some of the work was done. Dr. Bankhead is wonderful and so is his awesome staff! I would recommend Dr. Bankhead to anyone!

--- Donna Miller, Cedar Hills UT