Dental Implant Testimonials

Dear Dr. Bankhead and the amazing staff supporting your practice,

I deeply appreciate you working with me as I have been a difficult patient.  Your kindness and caring has meant a great deal to me because of my unusual situation.  It was not easy for me to come to trust anyone with this procedure because of my history, but you and your staff made it possible for me to overcome my fears and take care of my teeth.  I will always be appreciative of your patience and kindness as I went through this process.

Thank you for everything,

M. Wilcox- Provo, Utah

First and foremost I'd like to thank you for your wonderful work on my front implant.  The new tooth looks and feels great and I am so very happy to have it all done.  LeAnn and the rest of your staff were wonderful to work with and took very good care of me.  The surgical procedures went absolutely perfectly and I was able to make it back to in the office the afternoon of both procedures..... Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Craig Wiseman- Provo, Utah

My experience with the office staff and Dr. Bankhead was very good. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel comfortable. The implant by Dr. Bankhead was very professional and painless. I was impressed with the whole experience. I was sent here by Dr. Mike Ford who said I would like everyone here and he was right. 

Kathy Fillmore- Provo, Utah

Dr. Bankhead has been very helpful and skillfull with my periodontal and implant procedures.  If I would have had a Periodontist like Dr. Bankhead 40 years ago I would not have been in this situation.  I love my dental implants!

Mrs. Sharon Cannon- Eagle Mountain, Utah

Utah Valley Periodontics is a very friendly, caring facility.  Special thanks to all of the staff and Dr. Bankhead for their compassion and professionalism.  Our smiles are now much more healthy and beautiful.  
Nic and Sara Wadsworth- St. George, Utah

For eight years an early childhood accident left me without one of my front teeth. That missing front tooth left me feeling self conscious and awkward for most of my adolescence.  Most of my school pictures from that time period would be with a closed mouth smile or none at all.  I was certain if I smiled my gap would ruin my pictures.  I went through many painful dental procedures to try and restore my missing front tooth.  None of them worked.  After four years of braces and a retainer with a fake tooth for two years, I had a dentist who referred me to Dr. Bankhead.  Dr. Bankhead and his staff were encouraging and positive about my outcome with an implant.  I started feeling hopeful.  At last as a junior in high school I was finally able to feel confident about my smile after my successful implant. Recently I applied for a job and was told I was hired because of my beautiful smile and I am complimented on my pretty teeth by people I help at my job.  Thank you Dr. Bankhead for helping me find the self-confidence I was lacking for so many years!  I love to smile now. 

Colette Durrant- Orem, Utah

Before I went to Utah Valley Periodontics I had never had a dental implant.  From the minute I stepped into Utah Valley Periodontics my mind was set at ease.  The staff have been so kind; they work to anticipate my every need.  Dr. Bankhead went to great lengths to see that I was informed and had all of my questions answered.  This enabled me to make an educated decision.  Several years and implants later, I can say that I am so pleased that I chose implants over any other option for care and that I would not trust anyone but Utah Valley Periodontics to place my dental implants.  In fact, I have received several consultations here in Beverly Hills, CA (where I live) from world famous dental surgeons and I have come to realize that no matter how far I have to travel, Dr. Bankhead provides the best care available.  I am confident in dental implants as a simple, permanent solution to an otherwise frustrating and frightening situation.  I could not receive better care than I do at Utah Valley Periodontics and highly recommend them to anyone considering dental implants.

Annie H- Beverly Hills, CA

Hello, my name is Keith Jacobsen. I have been a patient of Dr Alex Bankhead for almost a year, and I've had two dental implants. Dr. Bankhead came highly recommended by my dentist, and I had been battling some teeth problems for 20 years, just one thing after another... wearing retainers, having false teeth on my braces... two different sets of Maryland bridges - tons of money - and finally technology is to the point, and medicine's to the point now where you can go in and the same day you can walk out with a tooth, a new tooth right in that spot with a dental implant. And its virtually pain free. I never even used any of the medications he gave me - I just walked out of there just feeling perfectly fine. You know, you could tell that I had dental work, but it wasn't like having a root canal or anything real painful. I was blown away by just how simple and easy it was, and how his staff WAS JUST TOP-NOTCH. He spares no expense in hiring the best people and having the best office equipment, and the best technology. And it shows; when you first walk in his office, its top class. Dr. Bankhead is the nicest doctor I've ever had an interaction with.

Keith Jacobsen- Cedar Hills, Utah

Before I had my implants it was hard for me to eat and talk unless I used an excessive amount of denture adhesive, which only lasted an hour or two.  If I had known about this procedure sooner, I would have had it done years ago. With my dental implants I now am able to eat and talk without worry of them coming out. I highly recommend this procedure to everyone that has problems with regular dentures. Dr. Bankhead is the best, he is very kind and considerate of his patients comfort both before and after surgery. His staff is friendly and courteous and very caring! I highly recommend Dr. Bankhead and his staff for a professional job.

Cindy Sessions- Monroe, Utah

Dr. Bankhead was recommended to me by my dentist Dr. Alex Larsen. I met with Dr Bankhead who was very nice and very informative. We decided I would have 7 implants. I was very nervous about the process, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. I thougt I'd have alot of pain, but it wasn't that way at all. The procedure itself was totally painless and only a slight amount of discomfort afterwards. I now have my new smile and I'm delighted with the results my teeth look and feel natural.

Valerie Finnegan- Orem, Utah

Dr. Bankhead,
Thank you for the new teeth (implants) and the incredible kindness and service I received during my visits to your office. You are great people and displayed sincere care and concern for me.
With respect and appreciation,

Lesa Sisneros- Provo, Utah

I would recommend dental implants because it gives you the confidence that when you sneeze your teeth don't go flying and that has happened to me!  You can eat and they don't flip around. They are just GREAT! I would do it again, only earlier. 

I like the ease of taking my dentures in and out without all the adhesive. I can eat healthier, raw vegetable and even corn on the cob. Something I have not been able to do for over 15 years.

Vae G- Lehi, Utah